Sophos Home Security Free Antivirus Review

Sophos Home Security Free Antivirus Review

Sophos Home Security Free Antivirus Review –  As we know, Sophos Home Security Free is one of the best antivirus products available these days. It is useful for PC and laptops of any OS. For those who have not used any protection from viruses for their computers, they should really consider having one. Sophos could be the best choice. Here is more information about the antivirus.

Sophos Home Security Free Antivirus Review
Sophos Home Security Free Antivirus Review

Sophos Home Security Freeat a Glance

Sophos is an inexpensive antivirus. It is user friendly because the program can be used very easily, even by those who have little experience using an antivirus. One of the best things about this product is it can be used to protect multiple connections.

In addition, parents can also use it to control their children’s safety on computer since the product has a very great parental control suits. It is capable to provide protection againts ransomeware, exploit, and also keylogger. With all those features, it is believed that the product is going to be constantly used by a lot of people.

Sophos Best Features

There are several features of Sophos Home Security Free considered as the best ones. The first one is its availability. It can be used to protect any device of any OS, including Windows, Android, Mac, and iOS. It also provides USB virus scan and auto virus scanning feature.

The antivirus product will also allow you to run anti-spyware protection on device or PC. There is also the scheduled scan feature on this product, allowing users to get automatic scan on a previously-scheduled time. One of the best features in Sophos is also including anti-phising feature and adware prevention feature.

Sophos Antivirus Pros

The pros of this product are including its affordable price and availability. The price is approximately $60 or less. It is available for all OS. Another great thing about Sophos is its ability to protect againts any types of viruses as well as againts all kinds of threats you can get online. It has webcam protection and the reliable security management.

Sophos Antivirus Cons

Even though there are so many good things you can find in Sophos Home Security Free, every product still has its flaws. For the cons, this antivirus is seen negatively for its slow process when it performs a full scan. However, this happens only for the free edition. For the premium version, the process is a bit quicker.


In conclusion, this Sophos antivirus is a great, reliable one. It is perfect for those who need to protect a lot of connections but have limited budget. There are well-establihed and useful features in this product to make sure that all kinds of online threats as well as dangerous viruses won’t infect the computer.

Well, those are the explanations that you need to know about the antivirus. Considering that it is very important for the antivirus to protect your computer from damages and viruses, make sure that your computer at home is protected, especially protected by Sophos Home Security Free as one of the best antivirus products today

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