SmadAV Free Antivirus Download to Remove Malware and Virus

SmadAV Free Antivirus Download to Remove Malware and Virus

SmadAV Free Antivirus Download to Remove Malware and Virus –  Antivirus is important software that every device must have. You can find tons of antiviruses for protection and scanning. One of them is SmadAV Free Antivirus that becomes popular choice due to its simplicity. However, it is powerful enough to get rid of malware and virus. SmadAV Free Antivirus Download is available from official website. You can download the latest version.

SmadAV Free Antivirus Download to Remove Malware and Virus
SmadAV Free Antivirus Download to Remove Malware and Virus

SmadAV Free Antivirus Features

SmadAV Free Antivirus Download has several features that capable to enhance protection mode. Most of them are similar to what commonly antivirus provides for computer. This software has comprehensive scanner sections which can handle scanning for virus, registry, and hidden file. Scanning virus has two options, such as quick mode or full-scan. Each has pros and cons depending on situation that you must be done on the device.

Virus scanner can inspect all hard drive and device that’s connected into your computer. Before scanning, you can select certain drive and start the quick scan. This feature will ensure all files are scanned properly. On the other side, you may choose full-scan to make comprehensive scanning mode. For this option, you can choose all drives, and SmadAV will do scanning to all files. The latter takes time because the software will check small files and registry which most of them are unknown or unrecognized.

User can see the report containing the information about file or anything that looks malicious. Rthe report isolates virus, malware, hidden files, etc. Any improper file will be isolated into quarantine section. You can just delete those files automatically. However, hidden file will have different action because you can choose whether the files will stay hidden or not. For the virus, delete options is the best action you can choose.

SmadAV Free Antivirus Pros and Cons

It is difficult to find the best antivirus that’s capable to handle everything even though you pay for the paid version. For SmadAV Free Antivirus Download, the features are only basic which means you will need Pro version if you want more features. SmadAV has pros and cons that user must understand before installing to your computer.

The benefits of this antivirus are small size, free, and simple setting. The file size for this software is less than 1 MB. That amount is extremely low compared to other software. This size ensures you can obtain the file quickly even at the slowest internet connection. The small size also has drawback, which lacks of comprehensive feature.

SmadAV is basically free software without paying anything. On the other side, developer offers paid version with more protection setting and licenses for commercial use. As free software, you only need to install it for personal use. The protection setting gives many options to adjust with what users need.

Based on benefits and features, SmadAV is useful as secondary antivirus. In fact, this function is the reason why developer creates SmadAV. It can run fast without too much loading time. You can call SmadAV as the first aid kit for virus and malware. Scanning will start since the computer is booting. One thing you should do is to ensure the latest version for SmadAV Free Antivirus Download is always in your computer to obtain better protection and scanning.

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