AVG Free Antivirus Download : Is It Worth Downloading?

AVG Free Antivirus Download Is It Worth Downloading

AVG Free Antivirus Download: Is It Worth Downloading – You probably have heard about an antivirus product called AVG somewhere. This particular antivirus is popular among computer users globally because it has free base version with various attractive features. You are going to find valuable information about this antivirus in the passage before hitting that AVG free antivirus download button.

AVG Free Antivirus Download Is It Worth Downloading
AVG Free Antivirus Download Is It Worth Downloading

AVG User Interface

When it comes to user interface, you will be pleased with AVG because it has one of the friendliest interfaces among antivirus programs out there. The first noticeable thing would be the installer for this product. Its size is only 8MB which means that you can quickly download it into your computer. In addition to that, the installation procedure can be completed in less than one minute.

The great thing about installation process of this antivirus is that you can actually customize the program installed in your personal computer. You can choose to include all the features offered if you want to. However, you can make the antivirus becoming a lightweight program by choosing only the most basic ones.

Once you have completed the AVG free antivirus download, you can see how easy it is to navigate through it. If you need to scan the entire computer, you just need to press the large green button in the center with six different scanning options. Other menus are presented in clear way.

Protection against Malwares on AVG Antivirus

When it comes to protection against malwares, this antivirus offers better than standard protection. It is capable of blocking most malwares that attack your computer (generally above 90% success rate). However, the protection tends to fluctuate. There are instances when it can protect the device against malwares completely but there are also moments when it is unable to do so.

A great thing about this antivirus is that it is informing you what kind of malwares attacking your computer by providing notifications. In the notifications, the program will show whether the threats are curbed or completely eradicated.

Features Offered to AVG Users

There are many features that would encourage you to get AVG free antivirus download because in other antivirus programs, these features may not come for free. The features are protection against ransomware and email protection. In addition, you can also get download monitoring when installing this program.

You can find an interesting feature named Secured Browser that allows you to surf through the World Wide Web in secure environment. This browser has an interface not unlike regular browser. It is equipped with interesting functions such as anti-tracking, anti-phishing, anti-fingerprinting, flash blockers, and many others.

Comments on AVG

People would recommend you to only try the free version of AVG. The reason is because the free version already offers adequate features that would support the function of your computer. Many users have reported that they do not see massive difference between using the free and paid version.

However, if you want more comprehensive service such as technical support and additional features (e.g.: file encryption, firewall, and Android protection), AVG free antivirus download might not be sufficient. The choice depends on you.

AVG Free Antivirus Download


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